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Qtime is a mobile application designed for tablet devices that aims to ease the pain of having to queue up for eateries in Singapore.

Two versions of the application are created, one for merchant and one for the consumer. The consumer version is programmed by Clement Tan, another developer.

Consumer version:

  1. Get list of nearby restaurants, cafes, food outlets in Singapore
  2. Provide estimated waiting time of queue and allow queuing for outlets
  3. Real-Time updates of queue status

Merchant version:

  1. Table management – Status of tables, occupied or unoccupied, table layout
  2. Queue management – Listing of queuers, activation of automated calls, real-time updates on call status
  3. Reservation management – Receive and list bookings
  4. Shop analytics – Graph data of daily customers and average eating duration

I plan, design and develop the systems.

Backend service:

  1. Deliver data between server and applications.
  2. Built with Javascript using Node.JS as platform
  3. Sails.JS selected as a framework for REST API service
  4. Custom controllers generated for certain incoming requests
  5. Plivo SMS and Voice API utilised to send out automated calls and messages
  6. OAuth as an authorisation protocol to allow and restrict access to data
  7. Socket.io to deliver real-time updates
  8. Data sources: Redis for real-time data, MongoDB for persistent data.
  9. Promises used to avoid callback hell

Qtime merchant app:

  1. Built on Ionic Framework
  2. Custom Angular directive with jQuery created in table management to enable dragging and dropping of visual elements

Server maintenance:

  1. Manage and maintain servers at DigitalOcean
  2. Postfix & Dovecot – receiving and sending of e-mails for team members
  3. WordPress – app landing page