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MonsterJack is an iOS game developed in Objective C based on the concept of bursting the mobile bubble.

The game is inspired by Pokemon, the objective of the game is to capture as many monsters as possible. Each monster is colour coded, and to capture it, the player has to target the camera at an object of specific colour. The monster appears on the camera capture, moves randomly, and the player must target a capturing box at the monster to capture it. When the monster is captured, it will be added to the player’s collection. Players can work with other players nearby using GPS to capture a difficult monster.

I assisted in the development, on the monster capturing mechanism. During the image capture, the image is processed and the average colour is calculated. When an average colour is matched to the monster’s colour code, the monster appears. A bounding box is created to bounce the monster around.
Team Members: Stefano Nallo, Li Xiameng, Tan Weiting