Beat The Nuisance

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Beat The Nuisance is a Unity3D Project set to fulfil the following criteria:  own creation of character in Maya and variety of game mechanics.

The character is developed and rigged in Autodesk Maya. The poses are constructed with motion capture cameras and Vicon Blade. The game logic is programmed in Javascript.

Game Description

eat The Nuisance is a first person casual game that enables players to release their anger/stress through inflicting pain on an annoying character. The annoying character is named Mr. Irritating. The player will meet Mr. Irritating once the game start and he/she has to try as hard and as far to kill Mr. Irritating. However, there will be never ending clones of Mr. Irritating and the game uncovers more challenges as he kill more Mr. Irritating.

The player has to survive in this game by avoiding Mr. Irritating annoying poses. The more annoying poses directed towards the player, the more the player will reach to the boiling point. The game ends when the player has reached the maximum boiling point and dies. The main objective of this game is to survive the game as long as the player can and get as much score as possible. The player can try to break the record of the highest score.

You are welcome to play the game @ Beat The Nuisance
Disclaimer: The game is designed for Windows platform